I’ve had two driving forces that have guided me throughout my life.  The first, “to help people”…which lead to my primary career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  And the second, “to make the world a prettier place” …which has presented itself in many ways, but certainly, this career combines those two forces perfectly!

My interest in Landscaping and Design first began while working after school and on weekends at my mom’s small landscape nursery.  And aside from a few design classes at the local community college, years of reading, watching, listening and learning have provided the informal education from which I draw upon while creating or styling an interior or exterior space for someone.  It’s a passion I’ve always known and enjoyed sharing with others!  I especially enjoy helping others hone in on their own creative style, be that interior or exterior.

Based on my own experience and the feedback I’ve received from previous clients, I’ve found it’s generally helpful when there is someone who can objectively listen to your ideas, assess the space and help create whatever it is that you desire — let that person be me!

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