August To-Do’s in the Landscape

Mexican Pride of BarbadosWell–here we are in our HOTTEST month of the year!  Joy!  But look at the bright side–we’re now only a couple of months away from our “2nd Spring”!!! There are some great monthly tips that I like to follow from the Natural Gardener. Here are the August To-Do’s.

This is also a GREAT time to start thinking about how you might like to improve your landscape this Fall. The Fall is actually the BEST time of the year to plant here in Central Texas! So pay attention to what’s thriving in the landscapes around town now–it will give you an indication of which plants can tolerate this extreme heat!


Señorita RosalitaWell, it’s been just over a year now that I turned this passion/hobby of mine into a small business and what a GREAT year it has been! Thanks to some awesome friends, coworkers, and neighbor “clients,” I have helped make their “ideas become visual” Yay!!! Mission statement accomplished! So, I decided it was time to make my website public. Feel free to Follow, Blog, or Like it!!!

I have to say I couldn’t have had such a rewarding and successful first year without the support and patience of my number one fan… my Partner, Huston! Thank you for all the big things, little things, and the “oops I might have forgotten to thank you” things!! I am truly blessed to always have you by my side. I love you!!!

Until next time –